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    THIRD revised gpa accession offer of china of NOVEMBER 2012


    the people's republic of china


    ANNEX 1


    Central Government Entities which Procure in Accordance

    With the Provisions of this Agreement





    Supplies:       500,000 SDRs for the 1st and 2nd year after implementation

               400,000 SDRs for the 3rd year

               300,000 SDRs for the 4th year

               200,000 SDRs from the 5th year


    Services:       500,000 SDRs for the 1st and 2nd year after implementation

               400,000 SDRs for the 3rd year

               300,000 SDRs for the 4th year

               200,000 SDRs from the 5th year


    Construction:        50,000,000 SDRs for the 1st and 2nd year after implementation

               35,000,000 SDRs for the 3rd year

               25,000,000 SDRs for the 4th year

               15,000,000 SDRs from the 5th year



    List of Entities:


    I.Ministries and Commissions under the State Council

    1.     Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    2.     National Development and Reform Commission

    3.     Ministry of Education

    4.     Ministry of Science and Technology

    5.     Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

    6.     State Ethnic Affairs Commission

    7.     Ministry of Public Security

    8.     Ministry of Supervision

    9.     Ministry of Civil Affairs

    10.   Ministry of Justice

    11.   Ministry of Finance

    12.   Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

    13.   Ministry of Land and Resources

    14.   Ministry of Environmental Protection

    15.   Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

    16.   Ministry of Transport

    17.   Ministry of Railways

    18.   Ministry of Water Resources

    19.   Ministry of Agriculture

    20.   Ministry of Commerce

    21.   Ministry of Culture

    22.   Ministry of Health

    23.   National Population and Family Planning Commission

    24.   People's Bank of China

    25.   National Audit Office


    II.Special Organization directly under the State Council

    26.   State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council


    III.Organizations directly under the State Council

    27.   General Administration of Customs

    28.   State Administration of Taxation

    29.   State Administration for Industry and Commerce

    30.   General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine

    31.   State Administration of Radio, Film and Television

    32.   General Administration of Press and Publication (National Copyright Administration)

    33.   General Administration of Sport

    34.   State Administration of Work Safety

    35.   National Bureau of Statistics

    36.   State Forestry Administration

    37.   State Intellectual Property Office

    38.   National Tourism Administration

    39.   State Administration for Religious Affairs

    40.   Counselors' Office of the State Council

    41.   Government Offices Administration of the State Council



    42.   Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council

    43.   Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council

    44.   Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council

    45.   Research Office of the State Council


    V.Administrations and Bureaus under the Ministries and Commissions

    46.   State Administration of Grain

    47.   National Bureau of Energy

    48.   State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense

    49.   State Tobacco Monopoly Administration

    50.   State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

    51.   State Bureau of Civil Servants

    52.   State Oceanic Administration

    53.   National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation

    54.   Civil Aviation Administration of China

    55.   State Post Bureau

    56.   State Administration of Cultural Heritage

    57.   State Food and Drug Administration

    58.   State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    59.   State Administration of Foreign Exchange

    60.   State Administration of Coal Mine Safety


    Notes to Annex 1


    1.  The conditions specified in the General Notes shall apply to this Annex.


    2.  This Agreement shall only apply to the above-mentioned central government entities proper and their administrative agencies located in Beijing except those agencies involving national security.


    3.  As regards the above-mentioned central government entities, the supplies procured shall be classified as in the United Nations Central Product Classification, but subject to the decisions of the Chinese Government under the provision of paragraph 1 of Article III.  The supplies subject to exception of relevant entities will be specified in the revised offers in the future.



    Annex 2


    Sub-Central Government Entities which Procure in Accordance

    With the Provisions of this Agreement





    Supplies:       750,000 SDRs for the 1st and 2nd year after implementation

               600,000 SDRs for the 3rd year

               500,000 SDRs for the 4th year

               400,000 SDRs from the 5th year


    Services:       750,000 SDRs for the 1st and 2nd year after implementation

               600,000 SDRs for the 3rd year

               500,000 SDRs for the 4th year

               400,000 SDRs from the 5th year


    Construction:        100,000,000 SDRs for the 1st year after implementation

               80,000,000 SDRs for the 2nd year

               50,000,000 SDRs for the 3rd year

               40,000,000 SDRs for the 4th year

               30,000,000 SDRs from the 5th year



    List of Entities:


    Beijing Municipality

    I.Municipal Government Offices

    1.     Commission of Development and Reform

    2.     Commission of Education

    3.     Commission of Science and Technology

    4.     Committee of Economy and Informationization

    5.     Bureau of Civil Affairs

    6.     Bureau of Finance

    7.     Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security

    8.     Bureau of Environment Protection

    9.     Committee of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

    10.   Commission of City Administration and City Environment

    11.   Committee of Transport

    12.   Commission of Rural Affairs

    13.   Water Authority

    14.   Commission of Commerce

    15.   Bureau of Culture

    16.   Bureau of Health

    17.   Commission of Population and Family Planning

    18.   Audit Bureau

    19.   Foreign Affairs Office

    20.   Commission of Tourism Development


    II.Special Organization Directly Under the Municipal Government

    21.   State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission


    III.Organizations Directly Under the municipal Government

    22.   Bureau of Local Taxation

    23.   Administration of Industry and Commerce

    24.   Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision

    25.   Administration of Work Safety

    26.   Bureau of Radio, Film and Television

    27.   Bureau of Press and Publication

    28.   Bureau of Culture Heritage

    29.   Bureau of Sport

    30.   Bureau of Statistics

    31.   Bureau of Forestry and Parks

    32.   Intellectual Property Office

    33.   Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

    34.   Research Office



    TIANJIN Municipality

    I.Municipal Government Offices

    1.     Commission of Development and Reform

    2.     Bureau of Economy and Information Technology

    3.     Commission of Commerce

    4.     Commission of Education

    5.     Commission of Science and Technology

    6.     Bureau of Civil Affairs

    7.     Bureau of Finance (Bureau of Local Taxation)

    8.     Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security

    9.     Commission of Urban-Rural Development and Communications

    10.   Bureau of Environmental Protection

    11.   Commission of Urban Environment and Landscaping Administration

    12.   Bureau of Rural Affairs

    13.   Bureau of Water Resources

    14.   Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television

    15.   Bureau of Public Health

    16.   Commission of Population and Family Planning

    17.   Bureau of Audit

    18.   Foreign Affairs Office


    II.Special Organization Directly Under the Municipal Government

    19.   State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission


    III.Organizations Directly Under the municipal Government

    20.   Administration for Industry and Commerce

    21.   Bureau of Statistics

    22.   Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

    23.   Bureau of Tourism

    24.   Bureau of Press and Publication

    25.   Bureau of Sport

    26.   Bureau of Oceanography

    27.   Bureau of Work Safety

    28.   Bureau of Government Offices Administration

    29.   Transportation and Port Authority

    30.   Intellectual Property Rights Office

    31.   Legislative Affairs Office

    32.   Policy Planning Office

    33.   Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

    34.   Office for Cooperation and Exchange



    Shanghai Municipality

    I.Municipal Government Offices

    1.     Development and Reform Commission

    2.     Commission of Economy and Informatization

    3.     Commission of Commerce

    4.     Education Commission

    5.     Science and Technology Commission

    6.     Bureau of Civil Affairs

    7.     Finance Bureau

    8.     Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

    9.     Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation Commission

    10.   Agricultural Commission

    11.   Environmental Protection Bureau

    12.   Water Authority

    13.   Culture, Radio Broadcasting, Film and Television Administration

    14.   Health Bureau

    15.   Population and Family Planning Commission

    16.   Auditing Bureau

    17.   Foreign Affairs Office


    II.Organizations Directly Under the municipal Government

    18.   State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission

    19.   Administration of Local Taxation

    20.   Administration of Industry and Commerce

    21.   Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

    22.   Statistics Bureau

    23.   Press and Publication Bureau

    24.   Sport Bureau

    25.   Tourism Administration

    26.   Intellectual Property Bureau

    27.   Administration of Afforestation & City Appearance

    28.   Housing Security and Administration Bureau

    29.   Transport and Port Authority

    30.   Administration of Work Safety

    31.   Government Offices Administration Bureau

    32.   Office for Cooperation and Exchange Affairs

    33.   Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs

    34.   Legislative Affairs Office

    35.   Research Office



    JIANGSU Province

    I.Provincial Government Offices

    1.     Development and Reform Commission

    2.     Commission of Economy and Information Technology

    3.     Education Department

    4.     Science and Technology Department

    5.     Civil Affairs Department

    6.     Finance Department

    7.     Department of Human Resources and Social Security

    8.     Environmental Protection Department

    9.     Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

    10.    Department of Transport

    11.    Commission of Agriculture

    12.   Water Resources Department

    13.   Department of Commerce

    14.   Culture Department

    15.   Health Department

    16.   Population and Family Planning Commission

    17.   Audit Department

    18.   Foreign Affairs Office


    II.Special Organization Directly Under the Provincial Government

    19.   State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission


    III.Organizations Directly Under the provincial Government

    20.   Local Taxation Bureau

    21.   Administration for Industry and Commerce

    22.   Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau

    23.   Administration of Radio and Television

    24.   Press and Publication Administration

    25.   Sport Administration

    26.   Provincial Bureau of Work Safety

    27.   Statistics Bureau

    28.   Tourism Administration

    29.   Grain Bureau

    30.   Oceanic and Fishery Bureau

    31.   Government Offices Administration

    32.   Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

    33.  Legislative Affairs Office


    ZHEJIANG Province


    1.     Development and Reform Commission

    2.     Economy and Informatization Commission

    3.     Department of Education

    4.     Department of Science and Technology

    5.     Department of Civil Affairs

    6.     Department of Finance

    7.     Department of Human Resources and Social Security

    8.     Department of Environmental Protection

    9.     Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

    10.   Department of Transport

    11.   Department of Water Resources

    12.   Department of Agriculture

    13.   Department of Forestry

    14.   Department of Commerce

    15.   Department of Culture

    16.   Department of Health

    17.   Population and Family Planning Commission

    18.   Department of Audit

    19.   Foreign Affairs Office



    20.   State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission



    21.   Local Taxation Bureau

    22.   Industry and Commerce Administration

    23.   Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau

    24.   Radio, Film and Television Bureau

    25.   Press and Publication Bureau

    26.   Sport Bureau

    27.   Work Safety Administration

    28.   Statistics Bureau

    29.   Bureau of Ocean and Fisheries

    30.   Tourism Bureau

    31.   Grain Bureau

    32.   Government Offices Administration

    33.   Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

    34.   Legislative Affairs Office

    35.   Policy Research Office



    fujian Province


    1.     Development and Reform Commission

    2.     Department of Education

    3.     Department of Science and Technology

    4.     Economic and Trade Commission

    5.     Civil Affairs Department

    6.     Department of Finance

    7.     Department of Human Resources and Social Security

    8.     Department of Environmental Protection

    9.     Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

    10.  Department of Transport

    11.  Department of Agriculture

    12.  Department of Forestry

    13.  Department of Water Resources

    14.  Department of Ocean and Fisheries

    15.  Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

    16.  Department of Culture

    17.  Department of Health

    18.  Population and Family Planning Commission

    19.  Auditing Department

    20.  Foreign Affairs Office



    21.  State-owned Assets supervision and Administration Commission



    22.  Local Taxation Bureau

    23.  Administration of Industry and Commerce

    24.  Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

    25.  Administration of Radio, Film and Television

    26.  Press and Publishers Administration

    27.  Administration of Sports

    28.  Administration of Work safety

    29.  Statistics Bureau

    30.  Tourism Administration

    31.  Grain Administration

    32.  Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

    33.  Legislative Affairs Office

    34.  Governmental Affairs Administration



    shandong Province


    1.     Development and Reform Commission

    2.     Economy and Information Technology Commission

    3.     Department of Education

    4.     Department of Science and Technology

    5.     Department of Civil Affairs

    6.     Department of Finance

    7.     Department of Human Resources and Social Security

    8.     Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

    9.     Department of Transport

    10.   Department of Water Resources

    11.   Department of Agriculture

    12.   Department of Forestry

    13.   Department of Commerce

    14.   Department of Culture

    15.   Department of Health

    16.   Population and Family Planning Commission

    17.   Audit Office

    18.   Department of Environmental Protection

    19.   Foreign Affairs Office



    20.   State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission


    III.Organizations Directly Under the provincial Government

    21.   Administration of Local Taxation

    22.   Radio, Film and Television Administration

    23.   Administration of Sport

    24.   Bureau of Statistics

    25.   Administration of Industry and Commerce

    26.   Administration of Press and Publication

    27.   Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision

    28.   Administration of Work Safety

    29.   Tourism Administration

    30.   Government Offices Administration

    31.   Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

    32.   Legislative Affairs Office

    33.   Policy Research Office



    GUANGdong Province


    1.     Development and Reform Commission

    2.     Economic and Information Commission

    3.     Department of Education

    4.     Department of Science and Technology

    5.     Department of Civil Affairs

    6.     Department of Finance

    7.     Department of Human Resources and Social Security

    8.     Environmental Protection Office

    9.     Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

    10.   Department of Transportation

    11.   Department of Water Resources

    12.   Department of Agriculture

    13.   Department of Forestry

    14.   Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

    15.   Department of Culture

    16.   Department of Health

    17.   Population and Family Planning Commission

    18.   Department of Audit

    19.   Foreign Affairs Office



    20.   State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission


    III.Organizations Directly Under the provincial Government

    21.   Administration of Local Taxation

    22.   Administration of Radio, Film and Television

    23.   Administration of Sports

    24.   Statistics Bureau

    25.   Administration of Industry and Commerce

    26.   Administration of Press and Publication

    27.   Administration of Ocean and Fisheries

    28.   Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision

    29.   Safety Production Supervision Authority

    30.   Intellectual Property Office

    31.   Tourism Administration

    32.   Legislative Affairs Office

    33.   Overseas Chinese Affairs Office



    Notes to Annex 2


    1.  The conditions specified in the General Notes shall apply to this Annex.


    2.  This Agreement shall only apply to the above-mentioned sub-central government entities proper except those agencies involving national security.


    3.     The exceptions of the above-mentioned sub-central entities will be specified in the revised offers in the future.


    Annex 3


    Other Entities which Procure in Accordance

    With the Provisions of this Agreement





    Supplies:       900,000 SDRs for the 1st and 2nd year after implementation

               800,000 SDRs for the 3rd year

               700,000 SDRs for the 4th year

               600,000 SDRs from the 5th year


    Services:       900,000 SDRs for the 1st and 2nd year after implementation

               800,000 SDRs for the 3rd year

               700,000 SDRs for the 4th year

               600,000 SDRs from the 5th year


    Construction:        200,000,000 SDRs for the 1st year after implementation

               180,000,000 SDRs for the 2nd year

               150,000,000 SDRs for the 3rd year

               130,000,000 SDRs for the 4th year

               100,000,000 SDRs from the 5th year



    List of Entities:


    1.     Xinhua News Agency

    2.     Chinese Academy of Sciences

    3.     Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

    4.     Chinese Academy of Engineering

    5.     Development Research Center of the State Council

    6.     China National School of Administration

    7.     China Earthquake Administration

    8.     China Meteorological Administration

    9.     China Banking Regulatory Commission

    10.   China Securities Regulatory Commission

    11.   China Insurance Regulatory Commission

    12.   State Electricity Regulatory Commission

    13.   National Council for Social Security Fund

    14.   National Natural Science Foundation



    Note to Annex 3


          The conditions specified in the General Notes shall apply to this Annex.


    Annex 4





          Unless otherwise specified, this agreement covers all goods procured by the entities included in Annex 1 through 3.


          The goods subject to exception of relevant entities included in Annex 1 through 3 will be specified in the revised offers in the future.



    Note to Annex 4


          The conditions specified in the General Notes shall apply to this Annex.


    Annex 5





          Of the Service Sectoral Classification list as contained in document MTN/GNS/W/120, the following services are included:













    Architectural services






    Rental or leasing services relating  to ships (without operators)






    Rental or leasing services relating  to aircraft (without operators)






    Rental or leasing services relating  to other transport equipment (without operators)






    Rental or leasing services relating  to other machinery and equipment (without operators)




    832  (CPC 83202 not included)


    Other (leasing or rental services  concerning video tape not included)






    Advertising services






    Management consulting services








    Maintenance and repair of equipment






    Noise abatement services






    Freight transportation




    Notes to Annex 5


    1.  The conditions specified in the General Notes shall apply to this Annex.


    2.  The offers regarding services shall be subject to the limitations and conditions specified in the commitments of China under GATS.


    Annex 6


    Construction Services



          The following construction services in the sense of Division 51 of the United Nations Central Product Classification are offered (others being excluded):













    Pre-erection work at  construction sites




    Site investigation work




    Demolition work




    Site formation and clearance work




    Excavating and earthmoving work




    Site preparation work for mining




    Scaffolding work




    Construction work for buildings




    For one- and two-dwelling buildings




    For multi-dwelling buildings




    For commercial buildings(except airport terminals)




    For public entertainment buildings




    For hotel, restaurant and similar buildings




    Assembly and erection of  prefabricated construction




    Special trade construction work




    Roofing and water proofing




    Concrete work




    Steel bending and erection




    Masonry work








    Installation work




    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning work




    Water plumbing and drain laying work




    Gas fitting construction work




    Electrical work




    Insulation work (electrical Insulation services wiring, water,  heat, sound)




    Fencing and railing construction work




    Other installation work




    Building completion and  finishing work




    Glazing work and window glass installation work




    Plastering work




    Painting work




    Floor and wall tiling work




    Other floor laying, wall covering and wall papering work




    Wood and metal joinery and carpentry work




    Interior fitting decoration work




    Ornamentation fitting work




    Other building completion and finishing work




    Renting  services related to equipment for construction or demolition of buildings or  civil engineering works, with operator




    Notes to Annex 6


    1.  The conditions specified in the General Notes shall apply to this Annex.


    2.     The offers regarding construction services shall be subject to the limitations and conditions specified in the commitments of China under GATS.



    General Notes



    1.  This Agreement shall not apply to:


    (1)    procurement of agricultural products made in furtherance of agricultural support programmes or human feeding programmes;


    (2)    procurement made by a covered entity on behalf of a non-covered entity;


    (3)    procurement made by entities in Annexes 1 to 3 in connection with activities in the field of drinking water, electricity, energy, transportation, telecommunications or postal services;


    (4)    procurement with the aim of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and promoting development in minority and poverty-stricken areas;


    (5)    contracts for the acquisition, development, production or co-production of programme material by broadcasters and contracts for broadcasting time;


    (6)    procurement for the purpose of strategic reserves and disaster relief;


    (7)    procurement made by one entity or enterprise from another entity or enterprise in Annexes 1 to 3.


    2.     This Agreement shall not apply to procurement of services not covered by Annex 5 and construction services not covered by Annex 6 by entities whether or not listed in Annexes 1 to 3.


    3.     When a specific procurement may impair important national policy objectives, the Chinese Government may consider it necessary in singular procurement cases to deviate from the principle of national treatment in the Agreement.


    4.     Having regard to Article V of this Agreement and general policy considerations regarding development, the Chinese Government may require the incorporation of domestic contents, offset procurement or transfer of technology.


    5.     Until such time as China has accepted that the Parties concerned provide access for Chinese suppliers and service providers to their own markets, China will not extend the benefits of this Agreement to the suppliers and service providers of the Parties concerned.  A service listed in Annex 5 and construction service in Annex 6 is covered with the respect to a particular Party only to the extent that such Party has provided reciprocal access to that service or construction service.


    6.     China shall implement the obligations of this Agreement five years after its accession to this Agreement.  China retains its right to negotiate transitional measures regarding relevant obligations of this Agreement.




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